My BahiKhata

Chhota Hisab, Bada Fayda!

Welcome to MyBahikhata – the ultimate solution for SMEs to manage their daily Hisab-Kitab. Our application provides a user-friendly interface for businesses to easily track their financial transactions and stay on top of their accounts.

Association with :

Multi-Language Support

Select from a variety of regional tongues to communicate with your customers.

Collection Notifications

With regular reminders sent via free SMS and WhatsApp, you can avoid the headache of physical pickups.

Accounting reports and statements

Use any device, at any time, to access all of your reports and statements.

100% Secure and Safe

100% security is provided via local and online data backups.

My Bahikhata Features

Hamari feature-tastic solution ke saath kaam karke apne kaam ko upgrade karo.

My Bahi Khata is an electronic platform that allows you to manage your daily Hisab-Kitab without having to use paper ledgers or notebooks. By using our app, you can create digital records of all your transactions, which eliminates the need for physical copies. 

My Bahikhata Benefits:

Automate Your Bookkeeping

Saves time and reduces errors by automating your bookkeeping

Manage Cash Flow

Helps you stay on top of your financials, making it easier to manage your cash flow

Performance Insights

Provides valuable insights into your business performance with detailed reporting

Real-time Business Decisions

Helps you make informed decisions about your business based on real-time financial data

Effortless Team Collaboration

Easy collaboration with your team members, accountant, and other stakeholders

Digital Accessibility Made Easy

Say goodbye to the clutter of paper receipts and invoices, and hello to hassle-free digital access to all your financial information

Why Choose MyBahikhata

My Bahikhata is a cloud-based accounting software that simplifies bookkeeping for small businesses.


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Asli log, asli results: Hamare testimonials apne aap keh dete hain.

Pawan Small business owner

MyBahikhata has made it so easy for us to manage our accounts. We no longer have to spend hours manually entering transactions and calculating profits and losses. The reporting features are especially helpful in understanding our business performance.

Suman Entrepreneur

We were hesitant to switch to an online accounting solution, but MyBahikhata has exceeded our expectations. It's user-friendly, affordable, and provides real-time insights into our business finances.

Puja Accounting manager

Managing our hisabkitab used to be a headache, but MyBahikhata has made it so much easier. The customizable settings and reporting features have helped us streamline our accounting processes and make more informed decisions.

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